The Alexandra Palace complex, currently owned and run by Haringey Council, has been a financial burden on the borough councilís tax payers for some years. The council intends to transfer the development of the palace to a private leisure company on a 125 year lease to incorporate a hotel, cinema, exhibition hall, bars, skating rink and restaurants.


Due to its geographical location at the top of the hill, parking space is somewhat limited and there is only one bus route running through the Palace grounds. On completion of the development the Palace is expected to attract thousands of people to the various events in the exhibition hall as well as the regular users of the cinema and hotel etc. On busy days and nights there will be considerable congestion and possible gridlock in the Palace grounds and surrounding areas if no improvements to public transport are made.


The line used to run right up to the back of the Palace, just yards from the main entrance, and, if re-instated would provide the natural choice for getting to and from the Palace. At present organizers of major events run a shuttle bus service from Wood Green station, but the Muswell Hill Metro Group believe that only a fast, frequent rail link from the Palace itself is the best long-term solution. The old track bed from Highgate station is still intact, so it would be relatively easy to relay the track and infrastructure.


Haringey Council will continue to seek a partner to develop Alexandra Palace as a community and leisure centre, and the Muswell Hill Metro Group will continue to promote the concept of a dedicated rail link with all the ensuing benefits as a major part of any development.

the importance
Of the line to Alexandra Palace